Frequently Asked Questions

Does it include helmet?
No helmet is included. We are very experienced with ABS plastic vaccum forming. The first order stormtrooper helmet is better made from resin or fiberglass.
Where can I buy a helmet ?
There are many makers of helmet. Find on Facebook or Ebay. You can order direct from Disney or Anovos.
Is this copied or recast armour ?

No. This is not copied or recast from anyone’s armour. We 3D modeled from screen captures and from photos we took at celebration in Anaheim. After 3D modeling the parts, we worked on the best and most efficient way to make the moulds. The moulds were then CNC machine cut in aluminum to maximise the consistency of the finished armour kits. The first kit made will be the same as the 250th kit made.

Our parts are screen accurate but the moulds and the building process is very different to other manufacturers. Recasting is to replicate what another maker has done but our moulds are very different.

What material is it made from ?
It is vaccum formed in 2mm thick, UV stabilized, ABS plastic. It weights about 5 kilos when wearing it. ABS plastic is hard wearing and strong.
What size will it fit ?
5 feet 4″ (164 cm) up to 7 feet (214 cm)
It can fit up to 7 feet (214 cm) tall people. You will have to cut it down to fit your size if you are smaller. The moulds were designed to fit much taller and bigger built people but the flexibility of ABS means it can be moulded and trimmed to fit most sizes. Minimum size is about 5 feet 4″ (164 cm).
Do I have to trim or paint ?
The armour kit comes pre-trimmed at the maximum size. If you are smaller, then you will have to make it fit. The plastic is glossy white and doesn’t need painting.
Where is it made ?
This is made by vaccum forming in Ireland. We have made products from vaccum forming for more than 20 years.
Where is it shipped from ?
It is currently shipped from Ireland. It is currently shipped from Ireland, England and SE Asia depending on where it is to be shipped to.
How much and how long to ship ?
Shipping by economy is free. This economy shipping can take up to 1 month to some areas. You can upgrade to fast shipping for $59.
What country do you ship to ?
We ship to all countries and territories. Some territories might have a longer shipping period.

No FPO or PO boxes. We need a signature on delivery.

Shipping only, no pick up collection.

Is the kit 501st Approved ?
No armour kit is automatically approved by the 501st. To be approved by the 501st, you need to assemble the kit properly and it needs to look correct when you are wearing it. Please deal directly with the 501st in your area for more details.
Any guarantee ?
We offer a 14 day refund on purchase. We can’t take it back after it’s been cut to fit you. If it breaks, then we can replace parts within reason.